Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pilar Rubio - Sergio Ramos' new girlfriend

Not forever young ladies steal the young footballer. Evidence, defender Real Madrid and the Spanish national team, Sergio Ramos 26-year-old secretly in love with a woman who was adrift 8 years older than him.

Pilar Rubio Enchantment 34-year-old was not an obstacle for establishing Ramos romance. Moreover, the age does not undermine the aura of beauty Rubio.

Rubio names have long crisscrossed the universe huburan Spain. Rubio recorded once crowned the sexiest woman FHM magazine.

Photo magnitude never posted in the men's magazine's Spanish edition in 2008 and 2009. In an interview with another adult magazine, Rubio said had appeared smooth without even a piece of cloth. The picture was taken on 14 years ago and then sold to the magazine.

In addition to being a model, presenter Rubio included in the ranks of the top Spanish. On July 14 until August 29, 2008, Rubio noted to be a presenter at Telecinco.

His achievements in the world of broadcasting was fairly brilliant. Women who had received his college majoring in economics that ever won the award for best television reporter in 2007. viva



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