Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beautifrul WAGs - Amra Silajdzic, Edin Džeko's girlfriend

Adrenaline driven, humble and soft spoken, very vibrant and a lovable Libra, Amra Silajdzic found her life’s calling in her artistic expression as a model and actress, and most importantly in her role as a mother to her eight-year-old daughter Sofia.  Her strenuous trainings and competitions from a very young age in Track & Field and competitions in Taekwondo, where she earned several prizes, have given her an edge and toughness needed in show business.  This also helped her develop a persistent work ethic which she carries with her to each photoshoot and each of life’s challenges and opportunities.

Amra’s modeling career started in 2000 in her home country of Bosnia and Herzegovina where at age 15 she was crowned the Metropolitan Top Model and a winner of the Press Prize, an international competition in China.  These two distinctive wins launched her international career.  Amra was able to move to Paris to pursue her childhood dream of living and working in the fashion capital of the world, where she also quickly earned her own distinguished success.



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