Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beautiful WAGs - Mamen Sanz, Raul Gonzales' wife

Maria del Carmen Redondo Sanz is known as Mamen Sanz is a model of Spanish nationality, the wife of Raul Gonzales.

Mamen Sanz so enjoy the glory of her husband at Real Madrid. If Raul is the prince of the Bernabeu, the Mamen Sanz is the princess. No other WAGs in the stronghold of rival Real Madrid Mamen Sanz beauty and popularity in his time.

His career as a model class as evidenced by his participation as a model of Armani, Lexus, and Pedro Duran. In 1997, Mamen Sanz had entered the contest "Supermodel of the World". Unfortunately, he only held the position of runner-up.

Mamen Sanz is the graduate degree early childhood education at the Universidad Camilo Jose Cela. Beautiful, sexy, smart, motherly, Raul Gonzales was lucky to find her.

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