Monday, October 29, 2012

Bruna Marquezine - Neymar's girlfriend

Footballers always been synonymous with beautiful women. Whether it is a model or a television star, footballers charm seemed to attract them.

This is also true for the beautiful actress from Brazil, Bruna Marquezine. Bruna is quite famous in her native, is rumored to have a special relationship with Santos and the Brazilian national team star, Neymar.

The news was confirmed by Bruna photo Neymar being kissed on the cheek. The photos were quickly spread on social networking Twitter account.

However, Neymar immediately dismissed the rumors and said that if he and Bruna just close friends. "I'm still single and we were just friends. Yeah, I admit we were very close, but we're not dating," said Neymar was quoted Futbolita.

The rumors also indicate if the mother Bruna strongly opposed to her daughter to get in touch with Neymar. Apparently the mother was afraid if  Bruna fate would like Sthefany Brito, who had married young with players AC Milan, Pato, but soon they had divorced. viva

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