Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beautiful WAGs - Victoria Saravia, Diego Forlan's girlfriend

Victoria Saravia was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on 20 April 1986. Victoria aspires to become a dentist, but her beauty and koindahan bring him into the world modelan. Currently living in Buenos Aires Argentina, studying journalism and acting. Family name has been given the status of celebrity big enough grandfather was an important name in Uruguay during the war his father is the mayor of Villanueva Saravia Pinto Cerro Lago a department that is located in northwestern Uruguay. Victoria's father died when he was only 12, some rumors say that his father committed suicide, others say he was murdered in an interview.

World model to bring Victoria into tempat2 Saravia that he never imagined before, he was in France, Europe.

Prior to Diego Forlan, Victoria Saravia dating footballer Juan Bueno. Diego Forlan Vic met many years ago because they went to the same place in Montevideo, but only up to La Copa them back in touch, exchanging phone numbers, talking and come out together ever since. And then we saw a picture of them kissing.

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