Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beautiful WAGs - Manuela Arcuri, Francesco Totti's girlfriend

Manuela Arcuri was born on January 8, 1977 in Latina Italy, with the name of Manuela Arcuri was born. He grew to adulthood in an environment close to family.

When Manuela (first name) wishes to achieve the dream of being a model and actress when masi teenager, his parents did not accompany and provide dorogan during the course of his career.

Although modellingnya career could easily be a source of income, Manuela Arcuri prefer to plunge into the world of acting. Career into the world of the film industry acquired through contact with the model in 1995, debuted in the beginning of the film I perfileman Buchi Neri and I Laureati, if translated into English discuss "Black Holes and Graduates".

Manuela Arcuri performance in the world of cinema is not so obvious, but the company gave a little buzz that made him realize immediately to improve the quality of his acting career as quickly as possible. Fruitful results of his hard work on the film in the late 90s as Gratta e vinci, Finalmente soli, Bagnomaria, and a television series Disokkupati.

More and more experience in front of the camera obtained Manuela Arcuri, until he began appearing in the Teste in Cocco in 2000. Tabloids are increasingly focused on the figure of Manuela Arcuri, and when he started dating the star football player Francesco Totti, was on the news headlines.

It is very difficult to focus the activities of this pair, but eventually Manuela Arcuri began to dare to pose in magazines such as Gente, Eva, Star TV, Dipi, and Chi. In addition he was also featured in Italian magazine, also pose in GQ, Italian photographer.

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